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Life Insurance

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Life Insurance is a critical portion of everyone’s insurance plan, whether for personal or business needs. 

For your family, Life Insurance can replace income to ensure your family’s ability to maintain your home, pay for education, maintain their lifestyle and pay for final expenses. 

For Business, life insurance can be used to cover debts, fund buy sell agreements at death or protect against the untimely loss of a key employee.   

Today, it is more likely that you could experience an accident or illness that could disrupt your ability to earn, you can be protected in these situations by Critical Illness and/ or Disability Insurance.  Speak to us about your concerns and we will help you put together a plan to protect your family.

Critical Illness Insurance provides you with a lump sum payment should you be diagnosed with a covered serious illness.  The benefit can be used to help cover loss of income, health care costs, care giver expenses or modifications to the home.  Critical Illness policies vary from company to company as to what illnesses are covered, it is important to understand what conditions are covered by your policy.

Disability Insurance provides for loss of income due to accident or illness, there is usually a waiting period then provides a regular benefit that is a percentage of your earnings.  There are many options with disability insurance, including the waiting period, amount of benefit and how long the benefit will last.