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A Full Range of Property Insurance

Property Insurance – Home, Condominium, Tenants, Cottage

Whether you rent or own your living space a properly constructed Property Insurance Policy is a must.  Not only will it provide protection for your valuable assets (structure, contents) it also offers you and your family protection against lawsuits (personal liability coverage) that might occur.

In Ontario the number one cause of loss in your home is water related, whether it is from burst pipes within your dwelling, sump pump failures or sewers backing up into your basement.  Water related damage is of great concern to all Ontario property owners, Insurance Companies offer a wide range of limits and deductibles for water damage coverage, understanding the coverage and restrictions your policy has is imperative.  Generally speaking Flood (Definitions usually include but are not limited to “Water flowing overland and seeping in through windows, doors and cracks) is not a coverage that is provided by a residential property insurance policy.

Residential property policies in Ontario do not provide earthquake coverage in their standard wording.  Depending on the Insurance Company, the coverage might be available to purchase as an additional endorsement to your policy.

Policies also vary with respect to coverage for jewellery, furs, fine arts, sports equipment and collectibles.  These items are not necessarily covered under your contents limit, make sure you discuss your valuables with a representative. 

Personal Umbrella Coverage – coverage is also called “excess liability”, it provides additional limits of liability coverage over and above your personal auto/boat/trailer/ property policies.

This coverage is a cost effective way to increase your liability coverage when you have either multiple properties or recreational vehicles or want higher liability limits. Umbrella coverage also fills in gaps not covered by your other policies, if you volunteer in the community, this is a great coverage to have in place.

We have coverage available for:

  • Homes
  • Condominiums
  • Tenants
  • Cottages & Seasonal Properties

Why not combine your home and auto insurance?

You'll get the convenience of one complete coverage package, as well as discount savings on your premiums.

We also cover:

  • Trailers & Campers
  • Watercraft

For business property insurance, please see Business Insurance.